180° LED Retrofit Bulb
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Why do we have to launch this 180°retrofit bulb?


    After one year of market adjustment, half a year of design development and testing. We officially launched a new retrofit lamp in July 2018. The biggest different it and the products that are currently used on the market is that is concentrates on the following three functions:

    1. 180°light emitting surface, and according to different traditional lamp housings, there are different lens light distribution. For example, the street light is type3 light, and the floodlight can be type5 light.

    2. The lamp parts of the E26/27 or E39/40 bases can be rotated 360 degrees, and there is a hole site for each angle of rotation to ensure accurate angle and safe installation of the luminaire, and also to ensure the long-term use of the rotating part.

    3. Built-in power supply for the lamp. Moreover, it is small in size, widely used, and easy to install.


The specifications are as follow:

- Wattage: 30W/40W/50W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W

- Input Voltage: 100-277V/AC (50-60Hz); Power Factor >0.90;

- Light Source: Philips 3030 Ra>80;Philips 5050 Ra>70

- Efficacy: up to 125lm/W; Lumen Output: 3,650- 18,800lm)

- Beam Angle: TypeⅢ ( 90°X 150°)  or  TypeⅤ ( 150°)

- Housing: AL+PC

- Operation Temp: -20℃ to +50℃

- Limited Warranty: 5 Years

- Recommended Installation Height:3-15m    

- Lamp Base: E26/E27, E39/E40

- Size: 245(L)X112(W)X94(H)mm E26/27   247(L)X112(W)X94(H)mm E39/40

           295(L)X133(W)X111(H)mm E39/40

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