How to choose LED retrofit bulb lamp for light fixture?
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How to choose LED retrofit bulb lamp for light fixture?


What size do you need?

If you are replacing existing recessed lights, you need to measure the internal dimensions of you existing recessed lamp housing. To make sure the retrofit lamp size suitable for your housing. Like traditional high bay, down light, street lamp, wall park, shoes box’s housing etc.

Where is the installation location?

If you are installing outdoor or any other area where need waterproof protections, just make sure select an retrofit LED light with over IP65.

What kind of trim do you prefer?

There's a lot of variety- whether you are looking for an adjustable trim, a standard white trim or one specially designed to maximize light output. You have your reason and consider for pick.

What about lumens, watts and temperature?

As we know, each of LED retrofit lamp is labeled with light output (lumens), energy consumption (watts), and the warmth in color appearance (color temperature), there’s also an important require for illuminance (LUX).

According to the light fixture basic parameter demand of different application occasion, our advice is check the lamp’s test report before you purchase. Our company’s web has all professional IES test report for all molds LED lights. Please download by visit:

PS:  Hope these replacement table for Shenzhen tianya lighting are helpful for your choose. Click the picture to jump to the product description page.



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